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We at MedOnline try our best to bring ease and comfort to our loyal customers. This is proven by the lab test facility you may access from the comfort of your home. You only need to look up lab tests and packages and book a sample collection. A representative from our lab will then call you to set up your test appointment. We will send a competent expert to help you collect the samples. Finally, an SMS requesting that you download your reports to your phone will arrive.

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Search for lab test and packages and book a home sample collection.

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Book test schedule

Receive a call from a lab representative to book your test schedule.

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Receive assistance with collecting samples

A certified professional is on hand to assist you with the sample collection.

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Download reports from home

An SMS requesting you to download your reports on your phone arrives.

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    Search for lab test and packages and book a home sample collection.

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    Search for lab test and packages and book a home sample collection.

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    Search for lab test and packages and book a home sample collection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly are online lab tests, and how do I book one?

    Online lab tests are like any physical laboratory tests, with the exception that they are booked online rather than in-person. Additionally, you can obtain the service of home sample collection from nearby medical labs with online lab tests. On our website, you can quickly arrange your home lab test at Chughtai Laboratory, one of Pakistan’s leading lab & diagnostic test services.

    How much will the online lab test cost me?

    The cost of various lab tests varies depending on the type of test and the lab. However, our lab partner, Chughtai Laboratory, offers special discounts on the cost of lab tests to ensure that our customers receive the best lab services at the most affordable prices.

    How will I get my test reports?

    If you schedule a test with our lab partner, you will have access to the lab report online on its website:

    What are the advantages of booking online lab tests?

    You may simply book a variety of lab tests on Chughtai Lab from the comfort of your home. There is an option to book a licensed medical practitioner for home sample for a number of tests. The qualified medical expert can visit your home and help you collect the sample. However, you might need to travel to the testing facility for some tests.

    Are online lab test reports reliable?

    Absolutely. The process of gathering pertinent information about the patient, the testing itself, and the results are just as accurate and reliable as those carried out at the lab. The findings of the test can be utilized to diagnose your condition and start an effective treatment.

    How many types of lab tests are there?

    Based on the condition and organ, various types of lab tests are available. Some common test types include:

    • CBC blood test
    • Lipid profile tests
    • Thyroid function tests
    • Covid-19 anti-body test
    • Covid-19 PCR test
    • Diabetes tests
    • Heart health tests
    • Kidney function tests
    • Sexually transmitted diseases tests
    • Liver function tests
    • Blood protein tests